Monday, January 26, 2009

:: a few of my favorite things ::

pasquale is closing in on one year in the world.

he loves life, mama's milk, horsing around with daddy, hikes in the forest, toys with wheels, blocks and laughing.

he has a very sophisticated palate, usually open to eating anything and everything.
a few of his favorites include:
.green lentils.
.sauteed collards, onions and carrots with ginger.
.raisin, molasses bran muffins.
.curry (LOVES it).
.roasted red pepper hummus.
.olives and capers.
.smoked salmon (LOVES it).
.goat gouda cheese.
.strawberry soy yogurt.
.almond butter on seaweed rice cakes.
.chocolate (daddy's fault).
.beer - just a taste off the fingers or a lick off the lip (daddys' fault).

Sunday, January 25, 2009

walking practice

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

cutting board gymnastics videos

Sunday, January 4, 2009

the adoration

my friend, heather, gave me a copy of this poem. so sweet...

The Adoration
by Adrie Kusserow
(borrowed from THE SUN, Oct. 2008)

It's morning.
I pull you from the crib
all warm and yeasty,
your hair stuck up like two soft horns,
you beaming brighter than a headlight
in anticipation of the nip.

Silly boy,
tender pink niblet,
luscious little beast,
water nut, love blossom,
Panis bulbosa, lactata nippiana.

And so begin
the verbal fevers
of my love smitten Tourette's,
speaking in tongues
wild with metaphor,
swinging from branch to branch of simile,
rooting about for words
to match your roundness, your just succulency,
your sheer plump thigh-liness.

All morning I groom you with tiny love-names.
I am a cat, you are my kitten, cowlicked
with locution. I am a sound nymph
tickling you with alliteration, a Swedish masseuse
rubbing you with vowels.
Who would have known my love
would rise up so fiercely, hover
delirious in small bits of sound,
all day the adjectives landing and relanding,
determined to match your infinite perfection,
my sweet boy, my sweet boy.