Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Trip to California

first father's day dinner
Father's Day dinner: hiding behind the napkinSchoolhouse Beach with Lee
Cool pebbles - the entire beach was like this!
Hanging with Howard and Babykins
Chillin' with Uncle Howard
Kristen, Alessandro and baby Isabella (she's hard to see)
Pasquale and Kris
Howard's backyard
Dinner in the backyard
Lane and Jerry in the backyard
Mr. Happy
sweet pasquale (photo would not rotate..WTH?)
breastfeeding in a parking lot (happens often)
Kris and Ali at Franciscan Winery
Jerry, the hip uncle
Pasquale and Sam sleeping in the heat
Pasquale's tummy time on Howard's bed
Pasquale being adored by Mama and Kris
Lee and P
P learning to sit up

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

my mind back on farming

After experiencing the brain-numbing effects of childbirth, I am starting to think about ag issues again. During Pasquale's unusually long nap this afternoon, I spent a bit of time catching up on the happenings....

As usual, Frank Morton is a major badass! Check out his response to the Roundup-Ready beets issue.

And, now finally, inside the mind of the amazing organic seed advocate Matthew Dillon.

Also, I just discovered an interesting blog entitled Diary of a Young Farmer by Zoe Bradbury that once worked at Sauvie Island Organics.